Thursday, August 5, 2010

all for one and one for all, a friend, a friend you used to call*

alright, no real reason for this post, i guess, except its Thursday. Sarah here!
Need some more followers! and commenters! and affies! we were doing so well in June and now it's really spiralled down. so hopefully we can bring it back up again!

So, loving the new Broken Social Scene album. i think its really great. first time i heard Forced to Love a couple weeks ago, i wasn't a huge fan, but its growing on me. anyways, im just a big fan of them on the whole, and i think this album really exemplifies their talent. Have you heard them / this album? give it a listen. Click. There was this one really excellent song that Spencer was playing in his car about a month ago from the new album but i dont remember which one it was... All to All? possibly. great song.

Edit: feel like the song was Sentimental X's. RAD song.

In other news, driver's ed is the most boring thing in the world! like i know everyone says that, but really, until you experience it, you cant understand the brutality. spent most of today's and yesterday's classes writing theatre reviews for Stratford. I'm going to keep a lovely little journal of them from now until... i act there, i guess. and even then i'll probably critique the shows im not in. i love keep journals anyways, so this was just a nice opportunity to buy a new moleskine (Codie hates that word, and i kind of agree - disgusting!) a couple months ago. and it really will be helpful. i just write about symbolism and sets and lighting and performances and stuff, because im cool like that :D

do you keep a journal? about what? comment!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Formspring: Who would win in a fight, pirates or ninjas?

Sarah says: pirates. i've always wanted to be a pirate, actually, but ninjas weirded me out. plus i just saw Peter Pan at Stratford and those guys are fierce. Tom McCamus ftw!

Ask me anything

If you know you are going to fail, then fail gloriously!

hey all, Sarah here.
so it's been a while!
i was in Stratford, learning how to be a killer actor, got to play Kate in Shrew - it was wonderful :D
ah, aside from that, excited to get back into blogging!
maybe at some point i'll posted Stratford reviews.
we're always looking for affies and link exchanges :D

alright, so.
can i just say that I love Cate Blanchett?
omg you have no idea.
idk, it just hit me this morning so i felt like i'd blog about it.
she is so inspiring. she's, first of all, an amazing actor. if i am ever half the actor she is, i will be happy.
but she's also really eloquent, graceful, beautiful, and, of course, she has an amazing sense of style.
and she kills at accents and dialects. which is a personal fascination of mine.

my personal favourite roles that she's played (in film) are:
- Elizabeth
She brought so much depth to one of my favourite historical heroines
- Veronica Guerin
See above
- Katharine Hepburn
rocking the menswear.
- Sheba Hart
omg LOVED IT. first of all, this is one of my all time favourite movies. but she was incredible in it. incredible.
- Lena Brandt

i've seen her in quite a few other things as well, and she always amazes me, but these ones are all time faves. apparently she was in The Shipping News, which i didnt even know there was a film version of (such a bad fan!) but i've been dying to read the novel for ages.

so tell us - who is your favourite celebrity or actor?!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Curiouser and curiouser!

Oh Alice, where do I begin? Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll in 1865, aka 145 years ago! It tells the story of a young, blonde girl who falls down a rabbit hole and encounters some of the most zany/ ridiculous/ INSANE of situations. Although these situations associate with solutions that deal with logic, this novel has what is called literary nonsense.

The controversy that surrounds this novel is uncanny. Many people seemed to question this novel and the messages it portrayed when Disney created their own interpretation of the story Alice in Wonderland in 1951 (which was demonstrated through animation). This film revealed to have vibrant colours, eccentric characters, overall representing an extremely whimsical world where anything could happen. YET... when the viewer started to critique this quirky movie something seemed a little off, almost as if it was telling a story based on numerous scenarios that one of a person on drugs would concoct.

Now, as a visual arts student I am somewhat forced to comment that in the hopes of creating depth through art, artists/creators sometimes get pressured to evoke abstract ideas. Therefore, I still have an ounce of HOPE that maybe the creators of this 1951 cartoon and author Lewis Caroll were merely just trying to push their imaginations into abstract thought BUT somehow accidentally made it appear that Alice was a young, blonde, drug addict girl who had experienced many hallucinations.

Nonetheless, there is evidence that does suggest a not as naive opinion as mine, which is as follows...


The White Rabbit
The idea of Alice following the White Rabbit is introduced in the beginning of the movie. Many people have said that the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland symbolizes cocaine. Similarly cocaine is also white. Is this a coincide? Or not?

The Bottles/Food
There are many moments in the movie where Alice eats cookies that say Eat Me and drinks odd looking beverages that say Drink Me. This is done so Alice can grow big or small. However, questions have arose if these foods and drinks represent the idea of Alice taking drugs.


Talking Doorknobs & Flowers

While Alice is on her adventures in Wonderland the Doorknobs start to talk, as well as the Flowers. Although I view this a fun way to characterize banal objects into personalities (so it can be entertaining for children). There are beliefs that this is a hallucination.

Other Hallucinations include the Cheshire cat who appears in and out. As well as the caterpillar who noticeably smokes from a pipe in his entire appearance.


The Tea Party
Lastly, the tea party has been seen as a place where much drug use occurs and the reason why it is so outlandish is because all the characters are delirious from the drugs they have taken. Once again I view this as a way to entertain children who read this story, but others disagree.

In conclusion, it is extremely questionable if Alice in Wonderland was intended to be viewed as a “drug movie/story”. It should be noted that there are critics who believe Carroll was on opium while writing this novel because in the late 1800’s opium was not illegal. On the contrary, there are also critics who contemplate that reviewing Alice in Wonderland, in conjunction with drugs, is rubbish and by doing so it destroys an extraordinarily imaginative story about a young girl who is maturing into a young adult.

This was my favourite picture. So I just decided to put it up because well... it is HILARIOUS.

Friday, July 2, 2010

its a long way down to the place where we started from.

yesterday equalled official blog post numero uno.
this here is pretty much just to let people know how stuff will run.
Sundays Codie and I will blog together, Tuesdays will be Codie, and Thursdays will be me. well, yesterday was an exception, we came up with it together and Codie typed it out.
anyways we want comments, followers, affies, and link exchanges. and you can expect a lot of culture things / art / fashion etc. for the next two weeks i'll be in Stratford at a theatre school (!!) so i'll try and review shows from there.
enjoy c:
im packing for Stratford right now - suggestions? leave a comment :D

- Sarah

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.

Campbell’s soup cans. Wicked Witch of the West. Guns. Jackie Kennedy. Cats. Shoes. Elvis Presley. Knives. Marilyn Monroe. Coca Cola Bottles. Money. These are just a few of the subjects our fav artist of all time Andy Warhol interpreted through his works. Andy Warhol is by far one of our biggest influences in our lives and as a result we created a list on why he is just so spectacular, mind blowing, and overall wondrous (ya that’s right he is just so influential we just used three big words from the thesaurus to describe him).

#1. Innovative.

Andy Warhol was inspired by the EVERYDAY and with that he was inspired by any type of subject matter, as demonstrated above. He was also willing to experiment with many artistic materials/ techniques which included abstract paintings similar to Pollock, silkscreens similar to Rauschenberg, and the use urine inspired by perhaps Duchamp’s The Fountain???

Andy Warhol,Oxidation Painting
Copper metallic pigment and urine on canvas, 1978

#2. Controversial.

Warhol was always causing controversy. Rather it was giving one word responses in interviews. To creating films with the very famous and distraught Edie Sedgwick in Poor Little Rich Girl. Or altering famous works such as Da Vinci’s Last Supper by recreating it into a silkscreen with many vibrant colours.

Andy Warhol, Last Supper
Oil on canvas silkscreen, 1986

#3. Cultural Status

Warhol quickly rose to fame because of the controversy of his works and mass audience they spoke to. His studio was the Factory, which was this rad place where various up and coming artists or famous people would chill out,such as the socialite Brigid Berlin who enjoyed lounging around topless, or Edie Sedgwick.

Warhol in the Factory, where he encountered various celebrities and artists

#4. Aesthetics

His works are just.... SUPER DUPER fun to look at. For instance, Sarah sees the Myths Collection and she just gets all happy. Or Codie looks at Guns and feels elated. (Codie's mental status is a little questionable). They're super bright and fun, but they have meaning too.

Andy Warhol, Guns
Oil on canvas silkscreen, 1981-1982

#5. Philosophies

On top of everything else, Warhol said super flash things and coined many terms for example
"fifteen minutes of fame"
Warhol definitely said that he had a total understanding of society and provided a commentary on it. Which we aspire our blog to do... eventually. Anyways, he actually said pretty deep things, and also really funny things. Rather it was explaining how he spreads rumours to his dogs or answering interviews with two word answers.

The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, 1975

In conclusion... Andy Warhol was and still is AMAZ to the ZING! To legitimate how deep Warhol was we will leave you with this comment he once stated
"Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?"


**For those of you who are unaware of the greatness of Warhol here is a quick scope on what he was all about ...
Andrew Warhola (aka Andy Warhol) was born 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and died at only 59 years of age, 1987 in New York City, New York.He was known to be somewhat of an eccentric, but was amazed with pop culture. It was through his amazement of popular culture that he became a well known pop artist. Warhol did numerous paintings,in particular silkscreens, of famous people which include- Marilyn Munroe, Elvis Presley, and Jackie Kennedy. Andy Warhol usually depicted familiar subject matter rather it was common objects such as Campbell’s soup cans, popular people as mentioned above or infamous such as America’s most wanted men.

Formspring: How long have you been friends? :)

S: we were just arguing about this about two hours ago. we didnt really meet until Sept 2008, and then became close sometime between May and October 2009. i think we realized we were best friends in the Sept / October 2009 time.

C:i highly disagree with the statement above. i feel like we didn't meet until Nov 2009 around the time a teaching assistant entered our law classroom. from there we bonded when put into a group together by our teacher. i feel like we started to become close friends when we went to a warhol exhibit in march break of 2009. so ya sarah is wrong and i am right :)

Ask me anything

PS: First big post coming up soon! today is the grand opening, woooooot!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

At a time when the rivers were made of chocolate and wishes could come true...

Codie and Sarah blogged oh hey. you've stumbled upon the blog of C to the K and S to the D, aka the Queens of Hullabaloo. If you're looking for something about Tiger Wood's numerous affairs, the greatness of lululemons, or the turmoils of Heidi Montag's plastic surgeries, this blog is not for you. However, if you wanted the latest news on Andy Warhol's oxidation paintings, how to find vintage clothes online, or crazy stories of two alleged ~eccentrics like us Queens, this is definitely a niche you will love.
Keep checking back for updates before we start blogging regularly, they'll be more and more frequent coming up.

currently Codie is trying to get Sarah's cat to like her. it isnt working.

This took us like, twenty minutes to write because we wanted to use the word eclectic. Eclectic, eclectic, eclectic. There. We feel much better now :D

kk peace, and leave a comment!

-CK & SD

Monday, June 7, 2010

Grand Opening: July 1st!

Codie and Sarah bloggedWe aren't open yet, but keep checking back - open for sure on July 1st 2010! Thanks :D