Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you know you are going to fail, then fail gloriously!

hey all, Sarah here.
so it's been a while!
i was in Stratford, learning how to be a killer actor, got to play Kate in Shrew - it was wonderful :D
ah, aside from that, excited to get back into blogging!
maybe at some point i'll posted Stratford reviews.
we're always looking for affies and link exchanges :D

alright, so.
can i just say that I love Cate Blanchett?
omg you have no idea.
idk, it just hit me this morning so i felt like i'd blog about it.
she is so inspiring. she's, first of all, an amazing actor. if i am ever half the actor she is, i will be happy.
but she's also really eloquent, graceful, beautiful, and, of course, she has an amazing sense of style.
and she kills at accents and dialects. which is a personal fascination of mine.

my personal favourite roles that she's played (in film) are:
- Elizabeth
She brought so much depth to one of my favourite historical heroines
- Veronica Guerin
See above
- Katharine Hepburn
rocking the menswear.
- Sheba Hart
omg LOVED IT. first of all, this is one of my all time favourite movies. but she was incredible in it. incredible.
- Lena Brandt

i've seen her in quite a few other things as well, and she always amazes me, but these ones are all time faves. apparently she was in The Shipping News, which i didnt even know there was a film version of (such a bad fan!) but i've been dying to read the novel for ages.

so tell us - who is your favourite celebrity or actor?!


  1. OMG you read my mind! i heart Cate Blanchett as well especially in The Aviator.. she played Katherine Hepburn there and I was definitely impressed. She is the most flexible actress I know, she could do a ton of different roles and still manages to rock my socks.

    ps. i followed your blog, hope you could follow mine as well :)

  2. haha thats for sure! Cate Blanchett is phenomenal in EVERYTHING. but she really was great in the Aviator! she brought all sorts of depth to that role. and she really, really rocked the menswear. her body and her own elegance is perfect for the style.

    definitely my fave female modern film actor by a longshot!

    and thank you for following! we appreciate it :D