Thursday, August 5, 2010

all for one and one for all, a friend, a friend you used to call*

alright, no real reason for this post, i guess, except its Thursday. Sarah here!
Need some more followers! and commenters! and affies! we were doing so well in June and now it's really spiralled down. so hopefully we can bring it back up again!

So, loving the new Broken Social Scene album. i think its really great. first time i heard Forced to Love a couple weeks ago, i wasn't a huge fan, but its growing on me. anyways, im just a big fan of them on the whole, and i think this album really exemplifies their talent. Have you heard them / this album? give it a listen. Click. There was this one really excellent song that Spencer was playing in his car about a month ago from the new album but i dont remember which one it was... All to All? possibly. great song.

Edit: feel like the song was Sentimental X's. RAD song.

In other news, driver's ed is the most boring thing in the world! like i know everyone says that, but really, until you experience it, you cant understand the brutality. spent most of today's and yesterday's classes writing theatre reviews for Stratford. I'm going to keep a lovely little journal of them from now until... i act there, i guess. and even then i'll probably critique the shows im not in. i love keep journals anyways, so this was just a nice opportunity to buy a new moleskine (Codie hates that word, and i kind of agree - disgusting!) a couple months ago. and it really will be helpful. i just write about symbolism and sets and lighting and performances and stuff, because im cool like that :D

do you keep a journal? about what? comment!

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